And Now For Something Completely Different...Writing. On E-booking.

Contrary to popular belief I have gotten some writing done.  I finished the hand written draft of my novel and am in the process of typing it.

I honestly think typing it is harder than hand writing.  I can’t sit and type for more than a half hour before having to jump up and run around. That and I start mistyping a lot of stuff. Maybe that’s just me.

So here’s a question: how does everybody else write their books and short stories?  Handwritten?  Computer?  Do you take frequent breaks?

I know some people find that two hundred hand written pages is a lot but honestly I’ve done it for three books and it feels better for me. I feel like ideas flow better.

Besides, when I go back and type it then I get a small overview of what kind of crap I’ll be editing in a month or so.

That book is in production but I’m taking my time so it’ll be a LONG while before I have it remotely ready for trying to publish.  There are some good parts about it, but it is a little rough around the edges.

My other book, the one I want to e-book, is still sitting stagnent. For now.  I’m going to get to it as soon as I’m done typing the other one.

I’m a little worried about e-booking.  Honestly, I prefer the old paperback and really don’t like the whole idea of books going electronic so I try to avoid anything and everything associated with them. 

But I’m going to give this a try.  One, I want to see what happens.  Will it actually get a few people to buy it?  No?

2) I want to see if other people like my style of writing.  In all honesty I want an honest opinon.  The book is in a different point of view and way out of the realm of fantasy I usually write.  It deals about some more mature themesand I’m curious to see if I have the ability to tackle that.

3)It’s free to publish!  I think.  Not much else to say here.

4) Okay, yeah, if I can make a couple of bucks in the process then that wouldn’t hurt.  Of course this will be dependent on how well I can market it ( I have no idea how to do that) but if it’s sellin’ then people like the writing which ROCKS!

Make it or break it.  All or nothing.  A good experiment.

And that is all of my writing as of late.  A lot of it will probably be done by later next semester.  Hopefully school will cool down.