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In the caverns beneath New York City, an ancient evil is about to rise…

The Herald has returned, and with him the Slayers are one step closer to summoning the Hunt and destroying Kaylee and the rest of the dragon-kin. Worse, Kaylee is attacked by a dragon. An actual dragon. The kind that definitely shouldn’t exist. It seems something is forcing innocent dragon-kins to permanently shift against their will. With the arrival of a powerful creep interested in romancing her, and Jade’s Tamer test taking place in the caverns of New York City, a mystery is one more thing Kaylee doesn’t need to deal with right now.

But when Jade’s test goes disturbingly wrong, Kaylee enters the underground, determined to find her. What she discovers instead is a Slayers’ plot more dangerous than she could have imagined. One that promises to end her and her friends for good.

Some secrets, it seems, are better left forgotten.

But now they’re coming back to life.

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