Events (so far) for 2019

So, as the title (perhaps) gives away, these will be conferences/speaking/teaching/agenting/authoring events I’ll be doing (so far!) in 2019. If you’re planning on attending them then maybe I’ll see you there!

  1. Teen Book Festival—March 22-23, Irving, TX

  2. North Texas Book Festival—April 6th, Denton, TX

  3. Book Expo America—May 29-31, New York City, NY

  4. Rutgers—New Brunswick Writers’ Conference—June 1-2, New Brunswick, NJ

  5. Sci-Fi Craft Class—June 8th, Grapevine, TX

  6. Fort Worth Book Fest—October 12th, Fort Worth, TX

  7. Writers Conference of Dallas—October 26th, Dallas, TX