A psychopath, a secret organization, and a new superhero caught between them. This is Phantom's story.

I Am Phantom

With great power…comes a whole lot of trouble…

What if you had superpowers? Inexplicable. Powerful. Dangerous.
What if you were desperate to know why?
And what if the one man who had the answers…was a psychopath?

Drake Sinclair will do anything to discover the origins of his abilities and protect the people he loves. That includes finding Lucius Sykes, the notorious psychopath ‘gifted’ with the same abilities as Drake by a long-destroyed illegal organization called Project Midnight.

But now Project Midnight is back. And they’ll also do anything to finish what they started.

We Who Remain

They thought Project Midnight was gone. They were dead wrong.

A year has passed since Drake Sinclair—AKA Phantom, the snarky, superpowered vigilante—defeated the psychopath Lucius Sykes and destroyed Project Midnight’s lab in his city.

But something remains.

Project Midnight is back with a vengeance. They’ve managed to replicate the serum that gave Drake his powers and are using it to create super soldiers more powerful than anything he’s ever faced. Soon, this will be one fight Phantom can’t win.